It is nearly the end of the month of June, so time for a new update.
The weather has been alternating, as I have written broadly about in my monthly update post on my blog –> Alternating June 2016

Besides this website I have also my own blog named Sophie’s Web where I like to write about the things I like in life.


Last month I wrote about Giro D’Italia 2016 had started and I had started with the predictions. Well, I could not keep up with all predictions and changings but I am glad Vincenzo Nibali finally has won the Giro D’Italia! He has been so many times ended in 2nd place in his career and now it was a close call as well with 00:00:52 difference, not even a full minute. And Steven Kruijswijk was the best Dutch cyclist and ended in 4th place. It was a wonderful 21st stage of the Giro D’Italia to watch.

After the Giro D’Italia this month begun. At the beginning of the month I was halfway the trimester and just had 5 weeks to go.  At the moment of writing, 1,5 week to go. Nine full days of study!
The exam week has been quite oke. Scored some grades and got some EC’s (European Credits).

Last week I started with the last three project weeks of the year and we have to code and design an android application with the help of Android Studio. I have never worked with that program before but it is quite similar to IntelliJ which I use for Python or general Java. Next week is the final week of the project and I am curious for what result my team and I will accomplish. It is a nice project and I would love to discover more about making applications during the summer holiday.

Next month is July and that will be my holiday month!

How has been your June so far and how will your July be?

Greetings by Sophie

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