Hello visitors!

Today I have worked on my personal website.

Added my Portfolio which is also partly an assignment for college so that’s why parts of it are protected with a password. Updated my About Sophie page and added this News page so I can write on this website sometimes a blog post too.

Besides this website I have also my own blog named Sophie’s Web where I like to write about the things I like in life.

The update of the month

At the beginning of the month I just started with the fourth trimester in college and had a little holiday for a week. Now a week of college has passed again and I have 10 weeks of college to go before the summer holiday starts.

Meanwhile, monday is the finish of the Roparun at the Coolsingel and I will be helping as a volunteer again. I hope the weather is nice and every team enjoys finishing and being home again between all the spectators.
Saturday of next week I will be helping at my cycling club at a big kids tournament named Hans Buijsman Toernooi that takes yearly place at our club (RWC Ahoy Rotterdam). Already 160 kids subscribed to take the challenge and try to win a price. I am looking forward to it.

And a few birthdays are coming up as well. And the Giro D’Italia 2016 has started, my predictions started well but now it is getting more difficult. So I will be busy with living life, enjoying the sunshine and study hard.

How has been your May so far and how will it be?

Greetings by Sophie

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